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Books in the Woods

Outdoor Playgroup

Welcome to Books in the Woods - a community for families with children aged 0-5, run by local parent-volunteers, inspired by children's literature and a love of nature: a space for children and adults to relax, share stories and play.

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On arrival, you'll be welcomed with an offer of a hot drink while you and your little one(s) get settled on your blanket under the tree canopy.  Sessions begin by coming together to listen to the stories, a carefully selected children's picture book, followed by nature activities and free play.
The group is aimed at all pre-school-age children (under 5s) to attend with their parent/carer. 
Just bring a ground sheet/ blanket, your own snacks and weather-appropriate clothing.
Please note that we have a no phone/ photography policy- to protect our children and to keep us fully present- and that we are all responsible for our own children at all times.
Booking opens 6 days before each session.

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Great Stories

We choose our books very carefully to ensure inclusion, diversity and to promote a love of nature. If you have a favourite children's story to share, please do get in touch.

Outdoor Nature Play

All our sessions feature invitations to play and nature-based activities, helping us to connect more closely with our environment and each other.  There is also lots of time and space for child-led free play.

Woodland Library

Whenever the weather is dry, we bring along our ever-popular Woodland Library, full of wonderful stories and non-fiction nature books.  Children love to browse and select their favourites and then cuddle up with their family to enjoy.

For the Grown Ups too

A warm welcome awaits you when you arrive at 'Books in the Woods', with an offer of a hot drink, brought to your picnic blanket, in a beautiful outdoor setting, all included in the £3 contribution per family.


Join the Community

If you'd like to get involved with the group, perhaps as a reader, a story teller, social media admin, or by suggesting a nature-based activity, please do not hesitate to contact one of our moderators of this group. We're always looking to increase our team of parent-volunteers and to connect with our community.

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